Soleil Glow – for that extra protection

Recently I received a sample of BIC Soleil Glow disposable razors to review from BzzAgent.  If you haven’t heard about BzzAgent, you answer surveys and the team at BzzAgent uses those to match you with a “BzzCampaign” where they send you a sample or coupon for a free sample of a product they think you’d like to review.

To be honest – this campaign couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s the end of summer – and I had just exhausted my last razor!  Of course, living in the south, we have lovely Indian summers, and after one cooler week – it was time to bear the heat and bare the legs again.

Enter Soleil Glow.  I’ve used BIC Soleil razors fairly regularly, but the “ComfortShield” head of the Soleil Glow is much larger than any its sister brands.  This allows for faster shaving (yay!) with more protection.  I was able to get my legs sun worthy much quicker than with the previous razor!

My only complaint about the Glow is that the ComfortShield head is so large that it doesn’t fit in my in-shower razor holder.  Luckily, I found a new home for it (in the shower caddy!), and will continue using the BIC Soleil Glow as my go-to razor.


REVEAL Revealed!

I received a sample of REVEAL by Calvin Klein to sample from Influenster.  If you haven’t heard about Influenster, you answer surveys and submit preferences and the team at Influenster uses those to match you with a “Campaign” where they send you a “Voxbox” with a sample of a product they think you’d like to review.

My first Voxbox contained a sample of REVEAL by Calvin Klein.  I was surprised that they sent me a perfume sample (I’m not big into beauty products) but I’m glad they did!  This was a scent marketed for men, but it’s not too masculine.  It’s a little spicy, a little salty, and very fresh.  i liked the sample when sprayed on a card – and LOVED it when sprayed on on my hubby.

We received the REVEAL on Valentines day – which ended up being perfect! I loved the way my husband smelled while snuggling up – and definitely will get a full sized bottle in the future!

You can only buy REVEAL at Macy’s currently, but I definitely recommend stopping by there and checking it out!

The Beginning

I’ve often thought of starting a blog.  But I’ve never decided what to blog about.  A little of this and a little of that.

But now it’s different.  I’m trying a theme.  I often see things I like and want to save for later.  Or share with others.  And this blog is to do just that.

Stay tuned…